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Dogs and children’s, children’s and dog

Finnaly we have managed to put our thoughts on paper, so here it is –  Dogs and children’s, children’s and dog

Litter "M" 2016

After the date

So we are already after the date with FAZI . Ila liked him so much, that she even honored him with the possibility of the play. Now we are waiting for an ultrasound and view of tiny puppy’s hearts . Just two weeks …. ILA already eats for two 🙂

Litter "M" 2016

So it begins

Finnaly :). More informations about planned meeting with her choosen  one, soon…

Dog Shows Litter "J" 2014

JASPER Wierciłapa wins at Bielsko Biała Dog Show

JASPER Wierciłapa (on left) and LA BOMBA Popenspalers

On 3td of July at the national dog show in Bielsko – Biala  JASPER Wierciłapa –  got exc . BOB , and BOG IV ! And this fourth place BOG ( best of group  ),  is the second such a great achievement in the history of our kennel , previously ILA got a bit higher. The new Polish acquisition Popenspalers LA BOMB got exc . JBOB

Congratulations barbet girls !!!

We are happy and proud

P.S. Thank you for the photo Tomek 🙂 see you next time

kolekcja Jasper wciąż się powiększa :)
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Tobiasz and Argo presents

While we are waiting for our little princess’ heat ( ohh yes, we do too) . .. Yesterday we were able to record a movie . It is generally almost daily situation in Wierciłapa ; ) . Dogs and our Tobiasz grow in full friendship and the two of them created the strongest bond. Years of difference ( Argo – 7 years, Tobias – 1 year ) and see how they get along with each other ( grissini circulates in both directions ) . In spare time , take a looke a at our Facebook profile.

Dog Shows Litter "I" 2013

ILA Wierciłapa – Polish Champion

ILA Wierciłapa – Polish Champion
Dog Shows Litter "I" 2013

JORDAN Wierciłapa – Junior Champion of Poland

This time Wierciłapa JORDAN , living with a wonderful family in Rzeszow. Jordan is now Polish Junior Champion !!! Well done 🙂

Despite his young age , he began to collect applications for senior championship !

Once again, congratulations , we are extremely proud of our beloved Smiley (yes, JORDAN smiles all the time )

Dog Shows Litter "J" 2014

and the dog shows news

JOLO Wierciłapa had just become  Junior Champion of Poland….
… while his sister – JASPER, at the dog show in Rybnik, won BOB, 1st place with excellent grade.
Adventures Philosophy of life

Podlasie again

We went to Podlasie agaign, to rest and load batteries…well as a matter of fact Barbets went there to uncharge theirs.

Litter "M" 2016

M- Litter announcement

Sorry we have kept You waiting for so long, more info here

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