Pregnancy confirmed on USG (and with watermelon)

barbet Pregnancy confirmed on USG (and with watermelon)

Today we confirmed ILA’s pregnancy, puppies will be born in June. Actually we knew this before: 🙂 ​​because ILA has such a specific habit we observed in the previous pregnancy. Well … when ILA is pregnant she eats a tons of …..watermelons, and for last few days when We heard her barking in the melody of “hey man, give me that” , it was always becasue of watermelon. And today we’ll give her another one.

Planned Litter “N” – spring 2017

barbet Planned Litter "N" - spring 2017

Finally, we can present You a stunning dad of our planned litter. We had chosen –  Nuphar’s EVERYTHING ZEN (more about him here – a.k.a. Billy. As with ILA,  all Billy’s health test results are perfect, as well as those of  his siblings and parents (pedigree below). Billy has a wonderful character (he believes that during the greeting his head should be on same level as Yours ;)) Billy is in the process of collecting points for Dutch Champion and International Champion. Billy weighs 28 kg and measures 59 cm, so his bulkiness and robust body is very similar to our ARGO. Mom of future dad, is one of the most successful females in breed – Quaciendas ALBA AQUA-AURA.

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