Dog show in Piotrkow Trybunalski

barbet Dog show in Piotrkow Trybunalski

Last Sunday we met some Barbets with their families at the National Exhibition of Hunting Dogs. It has so far been the strongest representation of breed at an exhibition in Poland. Amon, Argo, Aria and Braham represented Górka Podduchowna, and Alia Barbeciarską Chatę. Atta watched over all but she wass not taking part in the exhibition. Amon won the junior category and took fourth place in the group. The best came at the end, the team conducted , won the contest for the best breeding group. In the photo above (from left to right): Amon, Argo, Brahma, and Aria. Greetings to all newly-known Barbetiers … see you next year.

I have to say that, imagine all those foreigners trying to pronounce “Piotrków Trybunalski” or “Górka Podduchowna”. Haha. Exercise for You – this is taken form famous Polish film – “Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz z Chrząszczyżewoszyc w powiecie Łękołody”. Buahhaaa 😀

Don’t be mad, just kidding.

I wanted to be a sailor

barbet I wanted to be a sailorFrench seawaterdog again arrived in Gdansk. This time the weather was good and the Argo could take a healthy sea bathing. Following the ban, we had to look for another place which turned out to be quiet and very charming. Argo raged for two days and then rested as much. Favorite game – bringing sticks and rolling in the sand.

Dog Show in Łódź

barbet Dog Show in ŁódźAt the dog show in Lodz, we should have had two Barbets. Unfortunately, Amon had problems with his paw and could not start. Argo was alone on the battlefield.On Sunday morning, Argo did some bloodtracking and was so terribly dirty, that we wanted to give up. But we used many liters of water. He dried out, so we went. Argo was evaluated by the judge fromSerbia. Of course, it could not be otherwise – “excellent”, best male, best in breed. In addition, the judge granted an invitation to Crufts. This time I didn’t make many photos, but always it’s better than nothing:)