ILES DE FRIOUL Wierciłapa, is very happy with her medal

All things recently concentrate around puppies, but our  older Wierciłapas are also very active.

 In January two of them returned from shows with a set of titles and medals. In early January Frulewnana at exhibition in Gdansk received excellent, BOB, CAC, the judge emphasized that she is “short and compact, angular muzzle, well set ears, rounded croup, low set and well carried tail”. Frulewna in typical expressive way  expressed her satisfaction (the photo on the left). ”
At the end of January, IWO was presented at the dog show in Głogów. IWO like Frulewna swept everything. Judge from Slovakia – Tibor Havelka was impressed with Barbet. According to him, IWO is extraordinary. Wonderful head, of super-proportional build, excellent coat. IWO (right) proudly presents the medal at home.