What has six legs and runs? Simple – it is ARGO aka Gucio (almost like Gucci:) – it fits) and Me. There was a note about ILA, there will be plenty more for GEORGIA so now it is about the pretty-one. Together with Gucio due to our age (5 years / 33 years) and the desire to maintain shape we have decided (we) to start running. Running will also help to decrease the stress levels in our life (pregnant Georgia – imagine the idea of picking up ten names for pups, who tried to pick up just one, will know the idea, ILA and her temperament, guarding the house etc.) It took some effort to convince my shaggy-friend to start training with me. I started with the argument that he will look better (bad idea-he immediately felt a lie in that statement as it is impossible to look better than he actually does), than I told him about an opportunity to show muscles, strength and hair-waves and to draw even larger group of fans/followers, that in other circumstances may not have an opportunity to witness his presence. As final prize I also had to use the “food” argument, due to higher energy intake, ARGO will get additional free-supper (third one). In contrast to CASPER, who at the sight of his human wearing running equipment pretends to be very sleepy, ARGO welcomes the running-working harness with cheerful mood.

For now, not to over-train ourselves (well ok, for me not to pass-out) we use variable training system, we run and march and as we progress, overall training time gets longer, and marching breaks gets shorter. At the moment we are working on synchronization. Gucio has other priorities (see the arguments above) as he believes that the interval should not be determined only according to some stupid stopwatch but to current conditions. As should be understood, of course, the conditions equals encountered humans, animals and other natural circumstances. When no one’s looking – it makes no sense to run because no one will appreciate it. You should run when someone admires You and ideally goes from the opposite direction, and if he/she enjoys the sight of a dog then you can run up really fast, leaving behind a good impression. This iron logic is completely misunderstood on the other end of the “line” (the two-legged loser, walks when people watch, and runs when no one admires!). Gucio tried various attempts to change the running cycle, mainly by sabotage. So far the best method is to pretend that Gucio “wants something”. When our hairy fellow marches (and only marches) it is ok, but when we start running, he immediately recalls that he didn’t take a pee, and he cannot run in that state. Sometimes he recalls it several times. When we slow down, the need to take a pee, disappears. I’ve tried with car-keys (Argo knows that he must prepare himself before a ride) but unfortunately so far it doesn’t work. On the other hand, I must admit that, when Gustaw goes into a gallop he is like Road Runner form the cartoons, just two-legged turns red and cannot keep up with that tempo. Gucio as true alpha-male, announces properly the efforts to his household. After coming back home, he drinks half of the bowl, spilling another half, he fall on the floor and gasps like a locomotive, even I was fooled by that. Until one day we did not come back directly to the house, but to the car instead. Gucio proudly took a passenger’s seat, and as there was no one to watch him, he didn’t try to look overtired.

I think it is great fun for you and the dogs. Buy a good harness (with reflectors), shock absorber (not a simple leash). Take small backpack for a bottle of water, a bowl and a first aid kit (for longer workouts). Make sure that the dog does not have an injury and is large enough (for medium breeds – 18 months), you can begin to run (not on hard surfaces). Who knows, maybe one day when two-legged will learn to use compass we will go for some competition.