This entry was originally supposed to have the title of “first  dinner,” but when I uploaded (and watched) images, it came to me that the “first dinner” does not reflect the drama of events. It was more of a typical party in the firehouse with the elements of  pudding-fighting, in which the portions were so big that you could bathe in them. Small pups clearly just had to learn how to eat, therefore each of them check if by any chance it is ppossibleto absorb the food via body surface, when it turned out that it does not work, the more cunning tried to make a reservation by entering  a bowl and covering from  the others, the other finally realized that a good method is to get  feet inside and then calmly lick them. When the food disappeared from the bowl (and around), the little ones realized that a lot of food is still covering their brother and sisters, so the race for the most appetizing siblings begun After all, babies were all dirty and smelled exactly like it smells …. sausage . Then we had to bath them..but this will  be in the next episode. More photos here.

PS. The whole event, was observed by three veterans of such parties, all very eagerin to give youngsters etiquette tips 😉