Barbet Kennel Wierciłapa – goals and standards

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Our barbet kennel is focused on balance between health, nature and origin. Each of these factors is important at the same level. Breeding decisions in our case are preceded by long analysis and interviews. We look at the pedigrees, we evaluate dogs, we check the health and fitness of the dog (also his parents, siblings and offspring), we also learn as much as we can about its temperament. 

# vieux barbet

We prefer Barbets in the old type (vieux barbet), medium sized with a very good quality of coat, in other words – we want to have as much “Barbet in Barbet” as possible, not the breeds introduced with fatal consequences in 80’s. Litters in our kennel are always unique. We never repeat matings and we never mate together dogs that lives  with us and during the selection of dogs we do not pay attention to how far away they live, and how difficult it can be to reach them. We are committed to bring to Poland the best lines of these dogs as well as expand the genetic pool of the breed.

# health

In such a small population, the health of dogs is a of top concern. Our dogs, as well as those used in our breeding, are tested for diseases that occur in the breed – hip and elbow dysplasia and eye diseases. Only healthy dogs are accepted for breeding. The health results of our dogs are available on our website. In agreements with new owners we do not enforce any breeding conditions and we do not sell puppies into co-ownerships. We believe that the free exchange of experience and knowledge and mutual trust is the best basis for future breeding decisions and for co-operation for the benefit of the breed. All puppies from our kennel are treated the same, regardless of whether they’d stayed with us or not, we are happy with their success and we support owners in obtaining permission for breeding and running their own kennels.

# socialization

We look after the puppies long before they are even born. The condition and health of the mother determines her capability for future care of offspring. Before each litter, our females are examined and evaluated. Daily  care of our dogs and puppies is exercised by veterinary – Agnieszka Bober . Socialization is very important during raising puppies. Pups are constantly stimulated and taken to a new place with their own “Barbetmobile” . They have guests, they play with the dogs , ride on tours, and they run on our dog’s playground. From the third week of life, our house is open to all who wish to see them. The result of a two-month (or longer, if the puppies are going abroad ) socialization, are balanced dogs, curious, loving and open to new people and other experiences. The best recommendation are happy families though excellent socialization is also recognized by the breeding committee evaluating the litter. Our dogs are at first and foremost members of our family. Every day they have a lot of fun and adventures. They do agility, rally-o, obedience and hunting workshops. We treat them like our own children. Where we go they always follow, and once a year the whole furry family goes for a  long vacation in sunny France, near the homeland of our dear GEORGIA .

# choosing the puppy

Puppies for future homes are selected to fit with the temperament of their future owners and expectations (breeding, training, dog therapy, etc. ). Their characters are evaluated with the help of behaviorist at the age of seven weeks and in that age we assign dogs to new families. Hence it is not possible to pre-book a particular puppy just because of its appearance (color, tie, etc.) but only on grounds of sex.

It’s the nature of the dog , not the white tip of the tail, that decides whether your relationship will be successful and full of joy.

# puppy price

The price of puppy from our kennel is 1500 EUR, this includes the period the puppy has to stay with us due to rabbies cvaccination

# house of Wierciłapa

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