Actually he goes by nickname (L)IBERO (volleyball). We wanted to write about him ourselves, but the message we got is so  wonderful that  the easiest way is to quote it

From the description it is clear that like his brother – IWO , LIBERO is planning his career in the horticultural industry, like Mom – GEORGIA he pre-washes dishes in the dishwasher and like uncle ARGO he has selective hearing (although we think that by turning head away, ARGO is looking for the actual addressee of the command) … and of course like all of our dogs, LIBERO is a real guard dog .

” Loves to clean dishes before putting them in the dishwasher , lover slippers and artificial flowers (preferably with a vase). Loves to decorate living room with toilet paper (oh , again someone did not close the bathroom ), dig holes in agarden and gnaw bushes . At the sound of the refrigerator opening within three seconds he reports in the kitchen. Weighs 12.5 kilograms and eats like an elephant. Hungry at any time of day or night. Typical guard dog – appears silently at the door and waits in silence for the possibility of licking and greeting the guests. Loves to cuddle in the morning, bit crazy in the evening. Caught soaking up the forbidden couch in the blink of an eye he runs under the table. Luxury Barbet . Upon hearing the command “lay” he turns his head and suddenly goes deaf , because it ‘s not possible that someone would have told him to lie down on the dirty ground . Main rule -the bigger the dog the better. German Shepherds , Labradors and mastiffs are his beloved breed. Minion at a veterinary clinic . Doesn’t pay  attention to the vaccination , typical visit the office starts with traditional scouting and greeting all the cats in cages. Dearest Menace . “

PS He dances like an uncle too 🙂