barbet-ILA the perfectionist 1On the one hand, super-handsome, strong and athletic uncle, on the other calm and overprotective mother, who still treats ILA like a little puppy, allows her to do anything, protects against the world, and checks whether the little one has done all her needs. We suspect that GEORGIA would still like to feed herm if it was possible. The difference with ILA is that she lives with us since the very first day. She is very attached to Ania (her second mom), when Ania leaves (and we stay) ILA doesn’t care about us, she lies near the door and waits. The division of roles in the flock is like in the military, HQ – GEORGIA, cavalry – ARGO, and ILA has the role of agile scout.

Uncle took care of physical training, from childhood ILA played with ARGO, she had practiced and practiced, racing, jumping, running on the walls (as in the Matrix) and any other crazy ARGO’s ideas. When ILKA was still very small, our 27-kg strongman encouraged her into a little fighting, every time the little one attacked, he pretended to be heavily knocked-out, when he run away, it was always at a speed that allowed ILA to catch him and bring him down, with comical fall on the ground. That training gave her physical fitness and a trust in hers uncle strength and protection. For example, ILA is so agile that she usually prefers to jump over the other dog than walk around him. On the walk she acts as a scout. She is always in front, vigilantly checking the surroundings, and coming back with report. In forest for example, she is always walking in avant-garde, fifteen meters ahead of us. From time to time she stops, and barks once and waits for responses. If she hears something disturbing, she comes back to stay near the flock. Her mum – GEORGIA thought her to be clever and cunning, that combined with ARGO’s self-confidence lessons gave us a little dodger. ILA is just somehow better and more careful in everything that she does. She runs the fastest (and the optimal path) and swims the fastest (with impeccable technique), when retrieving she just doesn’t go blindly, she sits and observes where You throw a game, and how it bounces. And in 90% of cases she will be the first to collect it….in other 10% of cases, she will delicately bite the other dog, so he will lose it. GEORGIA during the swimming race, loses focus, she makes big waves a big fountains of water, while ILA in steady rhythm swims to the target like a submarine. Mom, unmatched swimmer was defeated on the second day of ILA swim lessons, on the same day (in France) ILA was watching other dogs retrieving balls from the water, she circled around 40 meters from the shore, watching the balls, alone without leaving the water for almost forty minutes. When the dogs got tired, ILA collected all abandoned balls and came ashore. ILA also has the best nose. Once we went with her mom for the man-trailing. A couple of dogs walked along several paths, when it was all over we released ILA, to our surprise, she went through all the paths, and happy come back to us.

And as for cunning. Such an example, each of our dogs gets a big piece of meat and bone to eat. Normally (when we are at home), it looks like that – ARGO and his powerful jaws, quickly brakes bones and eats meat. GEORGIA eats just as quickly but in large pieces. ILA goes to the side starts to eat slowly (sometimes scrambling on the couch). And when we’re gone? Do you think that ARGO or GEORGIA steals her meat? Maybe because she is the smallest and youngest? When we come back home after giving them food just before leaving it looks like this: GEORGIA and ARGO sit in the hall and their eyes are fixed on the distant item floor somewhere in the room. In the door there is ILA, blocking the passage, slowly eating the meat portion and behind her on the floor (sometimes in the seats) there ….are the other two portions of waiting in line.

For a long time we were wondering over some film archetype to match with ILA, and probably the closest to such is Japanese ninja.

So do not be fooled by this flirty look, there are two little devils in those eyes.