It was an amazing journey . First to Frankfurt and and a night is special ” animal lounge” and then a long flight to Washington plus a little bit of car-travel . Long and tiring journey , even for a man and for a puppy ? As it turned out at every stage of JONA cheerfully welcomed new people and  got to know new places. In Warsaw in half an hour he won the hearts of caregivers and pre-flight time was all busy with all sorts of funny events and after landing in USA,  JONA immediately felt  like at home , drank some water , walked around the house …. and then as if nothing happened he’d gone to sleep under the bed. Our socialization (this time with a special bonus – construction works in the home ) proved an instant hit , JONA is always confident and happy, it does not matter if it’s at the vet or …. in the middle of constructions works , as JONA’s  owner wrote to us = he has ” nerves of steel ” ; ) Grow big “tough guy ”