JUKON Wierciłapa

We apologize  for the lack of regularity, but literally in a few days our family will grow by a new member and this time it will not be… Barbet :). You can imagine that life is a bit crazy around here. Just to catch up a little bit –  today it is going to be about Oggie  officially known as JUKON Wierciłapa. When we write these words a little Oggi, walks over Charles Bridge or in Hradcany disctrict, or maybe he just admires the smell of knedlíky, who can guessIndeed JUKON is probably the first Barbet to live in Czech, and for sure he is going to be the first registred and showed there. Oggie is already participating in a dog-garten and explores his beautiful city. Oggi also has a facebook profile, where you can follow his adventures.