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From the middle of the week our kids will be heading to new homes, some will live almost around the corner another very, very far away. We do not deny that it will be a very tough time for us, we witnessed their birth, got to know their characters, some are a bit haughty and proud, others love to party, some alert other slightly crazy … Now, at the threshold of the house we are greeted not by two but by the flock of eleven puppies. Time passed so fast that now one would like to at least make it flow a little bit slower. The only thing that keeps us going is the thought of the fantastic families which we find or …. actually they found us. The breeder may have a million expectations of future owners but the truth is that it’s all about relationship with our smaller brothers. If you love dogs, all good things will follow, and your dog will be always happy. If there is no love, the dog will always be unhappy, because he does not care about an expensive leash, a big garden or expensive toys, he only wants to have “his man”. Thank you very much for the trust and creating a perfect world for the little ones, this positive energy really comes to us and our dogs (even to large ones).

We got the picture from the UK, ten years old Orlando did it in his classes. This is Tagxedo, it consists everything that is important to him. Picture worth a thousand words.