Litter – summer 2013

Litter – summer 2013

„I” litter was born on 18th July 2013. GEORGIA ON MY MIND de la Serve de la Chappelle d’ Alexandre have whelped eleven beautiful and healthy puppies. ILA ( Bombila ) stayed with us and the two went abroad – ILNO ( Boo ) to the UK. IZERA , which was for us a great honor went to Rose- Marie Naslund, whose kennel – Luddelumps, is the first and oldest in whole Scandinavia. IBERO ( Libero ) , IRON DE BASIL ( Bazyl ) , IWO , ILET FORUTNE ( Pestka ) , ISLE DE FRIOUL ( Frula ) , ISERE ( Lenka ) , ILMA and INIESTA (Carles ) to our joy stayed in Poland.

This was so far the biggest litter in Poland. Father of the puppies is BOREE coming from the now-defunct French kennel – ” di Barbochos Reiau di Prouvenco ” which was own by mme Petre . BOREE comes form the line called ” Barbochos “, which is one of the two oldest and best lines in the race known for extraordinary working abilities, enough to say that even in the distant Canada hunter and breeder Jacques Cyr called his kennel ” Barbochos Trois Riviers ” in recognition and in honor of the whole line of dogs.

One fine day in May , regularly tested progesterone levels had risen , and we immediately set off in a thousand–kilometer long route to the Netherlands to Henk and Walda from Von der Leibrucke, where BOREE lives . On the spot we spent three days, everything went without problems. About What happened next , you can read here – I Litter

All kids have a loving families, and even though some of them they live very far away, they are still “ours” and you can follow their adventures on our website .


date of birth: 03.06.2011 date of birth: 29.05.2006
ED 0/0
Eyes: tested and clear Eyes: tested and clear
Mother: ERMENGARDA dit Coccolina HD A/A ED 0/0 Mother: CARLOTTA Corday 
Father: CHOUFFE CRISTALINE Quaciendas HD A/A ED 0/0 FatherVINCACAO Poppenspäler’s HD A/A
Character: Georgia is a dog with a great passion for work. She can fetch for hours without a break. She is obedient, loves to swim. At home, quiet, and outside she is a quicksilver. He lives in harmony with other dog. She has easy coat for everyday care. Character: Boree is a well balanced dog, calm and very easy in real life. He has friendly and social temperament. He loves walks and playing in the water. He is a good retriever. He has a very good quality of coat, easy to maintaint and keep clean.
About GEORGIA BOREE at Von Der Leibrucke

We expect puppies in summer 2013.

Choosing a male for our GEORGIA was not an easy task. We have spent several weeks in communicating with different owners and slowly reducing the number of options available. We want our puppies to be healthy, which is why we have gathered as much information about their parents and grandparents as we could.  We prefer medium sized Barbets, with excellent structure, with coat that is easy to maintain. We expect the puppies to be full of passion for the work with a calm and balanced, not-dominant character. Following these premises we have chosen Boree coming from French kennel di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco. Barbets from this line are working dogs, from Finland by France to the distant Canada they help hunters in their duties, where the most successful is Boree’s sister – Bibiche an one of her daughters – Guiness. Boree lives in Netherlands in kennel – von der Leibrucke.

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  1. Hi there!

    I am very interesting in finding a Barbet puppy to join my family. Currently a family of three with a five-year old boy. We are an active family and the dog will have obedience training and be well socialized. I work for IBM and work from home so the dog will spend most of the day by my side.

    As there are a limited number of breeders in North America, I decided that I would try to find a good breeder in Europe. I have no intentions of breeding the animal and would have the animal spade or neutered. Also, I understand that it would be important for me to travel to Europe to bring the puppy home.

    I live in Jackson Wyoming in a large house with a big back yard. We hike and run almost every day and are very active outdoors.

    Please feel free to email me at [email protected], call me at 415-225-6469, or let me know the best way to get in touch with you.



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