On 16th May we went on a long time planned trip to the Netherlands. 1100 km in one direction,fortunately in the middle of the road, we were able to stop and rest at Iwona and Paweł’s place (thank you). Mating went very smoothly and after four days we got back  home. Now we have to wait for an USG , but all signs indicate that it has worked. Boree did his job with ease. He is a spirited and breezy dog with a nice, calm character. We are very proud that the excellent line of dogs from mme. Petre  kennel- di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco has a chance to appear in the Polish population.. Interestingly Boree is registered and lives in the Netherlands, Georgia in Poland, and both come from France.We thank Henk and Walda for hospitality and time. It was a great experience.