STUD : IWO Wierciłapa

IWO Wierciłapa

Name: IWO
Kennel: Wierciłapa
Father: BOREE di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco (FRA/HOL) (HD A/A)
Mother: GEORGIA ON MY MIND se la serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre (FRA/PL) JChPL(HD A/A, ED 0/0)
Born: 18th july 2013 in Warsaw

Tytuły: Junior Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland

IWO is a stud registred by Polish Kennel Club.
HD: A/A, eyes tested & clear


IWO’s ISAG profile

IWO is a first stud form our kennel, he lives with fantastic family  in Międrzyrzecz, 100 km east from Berlin.

IWO has already sired three litters, and is expecting to become father once again…due to this is currently not available for breeding.

  1. Quaciëndas Majka Miedzy-Nami – 31 of may 2017 r – 7 barbets
  2. Quaciëndas Fenka Georgii – 12 of january 2018 r.  – 8 barbets
  3. Splendeur Dorée Déesse – 18 of november 2018 r. – 11 barbets

IWO is the first and so far the only polish barbet to have his DNA screened and analyzed by Genoscoper labs (MyDogDna), here are the results:

IWO’s ancestry