Happy New Year !!!

We apologize for the lack of news and posts. Not that there was nothing to write about, on the contrary – so much has happened, that we had no time. But we will eventually catch up and we promise to improve. There are a few things from last year, we want to share with you. So here we go! In December, our cheerful team for the third time went to rest on the Podlasie. This time there was one more pack member than before – Franek. A total of six twollegges and four fourlegged.  Probably next time, the pack will expand too 😉 Here are some pics, unfortunately the weather is not so good for us … But anyway –  it was fantastic.

Tobiasz and Argo presents

While we are waiting for our little princess’ heat ( ohh yes, we do too) . .. Yesterday we were able to record a movie . It is generally almost daily situation in Wierciłapa ; ) . Dogs and our Tobiasz grow in full friendship and the two of them created the strongest bond. Years of difference ( Argo – 7 years, Tobias – 1 year ) and see how they get along with each other ( grissini circulates in both directions ) . In spare time , take a looke a at our Facebook profile.

Podlasie again

We went to Podlasie agaign, to rest and load batteries…well as a matter of fact Barbets went there to uncharge theirs.