ILA and Puller

There is a toy called a puller (a purple thing on a photo) . For our barbets almost perfect – flies high , bounces in unpredictable ways … and when one catches it is a big part protrudes and always some small dodger (ILA ) can intercept it 🙂 . Of course, another use for puller was invented by our personal comedian  – Gucio. Well, this smart guy raises puller from the ground always in such a way that he first  puts his paw inside so when he raise hiw mouth …the front leg goes up too. Yesterday  he liked the trick so much that the repeated it few times :))

barbet ILA and Puller

ILA w(?) pullerze

Tobiasz and Argo presents

While we are waiting for our little princess’ heat ( ohh yes, we do too) . .. Yesterday we were able to record a movie . It is generally almost daily situation in Wierciłapa ; ) . Dogs and our Tobiasz grow in full friendship and the two of them created the strongest bond. Years of difference ( Argo – 7 years, Tobias – 1 year ) and see how they get along with each other ( grissini circulates in both directions ) . In spare time , take a looke a at our Facebook profile.