Puppies – litter “N” 2017

NIAGARA in Goteborg (BOB Puppy)

Fantastic news reached us today, Saffran a.k.a. NIAGARA Wierciłapa (Ila x Billy) was at the International Dog Show in Goteburg and received very promissing note and the title of the best puppy in breed (BOB Puppy) We are very proud and happy with this debut Congratulations Saffran and Petra Sundgren

Niagara in Sweden ? Yes, of course

Sometimes you just take a photo like this 🙂 Saffran (NIAGARA Wierciłapa) enjoying her life in Sweden BTW. Did you know that Niagara is in Sweden ?

N’s are going home

These are the last photos of puppies, from tomorrow one by one will be leaving to new homes. NEAPOL, NEVIS, NAZCA, NETTA, NANCY and NIAGARA, we will miss You akk, we already miss You, we are sad and happy….

Puppies discover the world

Puppies get to know the world and bravely  learn new things and overcome the first “obstacles.” This weekend was wonderful, the puppies were first time traveling by car, running on the grassa and playing for the whole day.