barbet-Simply Georgia 1

We’ve got just three weeks (two weeks and four days in fact ) before our little ones will head for their new homes. Over the last five weeks they were in the center of attention, we took photos of them and recorded videos. Guests were coming to watch their future puppies. But today is will not be about pups, but the true heroine of the last month our Georgia. Those who had the opportunity to meet her already know that she is a dog with the most balanced, cheerful and friendly temperament as one could imagine. Adding passion for work and excellent contact with people (even the smallest ones) makes her ideal. We did not know how she will behave during and after the pregnancy… we did not know but, we felt under our skin that Georgia will be a perfect mom. The same unstoppable passion that allows her to spend an hour in the water searching for a game, also drives her now.

What we witness from birth is quite remarkable. First, the pregnancy (during which she was doing her daily amount of retrieving) and labor with eleven strong and healthy puppies and our still inexperienced mother nurtured one of the largest litters that have happened lately in the race. Then problem with placenta happened but still despite the fever (up to 40C) and taking medication, Georgia could not stop for a moment.

Georgia keeps an eye on the kids 24/7 when they’re asleep, at night mother enters their place once an hour to watch her children, sometimes when she see that one is missing with anxiety she starts to look for the missing baby (usually laying behind the toys). Loud squeal and a “bullet-like” mother rushes to the pen. Quite often we have to force Georgia to get away from the pen so that she could rest for a moment. For the first few days Georgia after the first few meters of walk was turning back to the house. It’s better now but still returns are often very fast and from the front door Georgia runs to check the kids.

Puppies in total weigh more than she does, they are quite strong already and they have sharp teeth, though Georgia without any discouragement patiently feeds them several times a day, she never gets angry or chases them away. Georgia still has plenty of milk for kids, so much that, in accordance with the recommendation of our vet, we have to prevent her from feeding them so many times per day.

In fact, Georgia finished five week of tireless work, where the longest relaxation does not last more than an hour, and if so it is usually enforced by us. The best thing we can do now is to take her outside for retrieving practice

The biggest “badass” in our house is not ARGO, but small and inconspicuous GEORGIA ON MY MIND de la Serve de la Chappelle d’Alexandre.